Domingo, dia 12 de Outubro, Yoga para Grávidas com Daniela Gfeller

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Lisbon Yoga Cascais Marco M.


Pregnancy Yoga


12 October 4-7 pm

Preço do Workshop – 30€

About Daniela

Daniela is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher with direct teaching experience since 2007. She enjoys helping students by sharing her knowledge. She started her yoga path in 2001. While working as a communication specialist in high-tech she stumbled upon an Iyengar yoga class and quickly fell in love with the active form of practice, the precision that comes with it and it’s physical/mental benefits.

Since she spent her days in front of a computer screen she noticed that yoga both strengthen and lengthen the muscles while also energizing the spine.


Daniela believes in creating a firm foundation of practice and then gradually building up to go into deeper levels. Her teaching style is challenging but clear and precise. She helps students develop their bodies and their relationships with their bodies and takes great joy in seeing them develop over time. “Seeing students in savasana and noticing how much they have changed since they first entered the class room is just wonderful and that makes me very happy” daniela.


After a traumatic experience during her first child birth, Yoga also helped her on an emotional level on her road to recovery. While picking up her yoga practice she got back into shape but especially noticed the benefits of yoga on a psycho-physiological level. While yoga asanas develop consciousness of the body, they also generate internal consciousness and are stabilising the mind. Daniela is inspired by Geeta S. Iyengar’s words:

“Yoga is a culture of the body, the mind, and the soul. In physical exercise body movements may be done with precision, whereas in Yoga a deeper awareness is cultivated, bringing equipoise of body and mind. Asanas develop muscles, as do physical exercises, and they remove stiffness so that body movements become free. However, they are concerned more with the physiological body and the vital organs than with the physical body. They strengthen and revitalise organs such as the liver, spleen, intestines, lungs, and kidneys. Each asana works on the entire system. It is an organic exercise which eradicates toxins.”

Daniela feels ever grateful for having found the path of yoga and for the changes it has brought up within her and her surroundings. She feel extremely privileged to be able to share this with her students.
yoga lisbon Cascais
Virabhadrasana I - Rio de Janeiro, praia do leme 2014

Winter Schedule is Here

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Address: Rua Nova de S. Mamede 56, 4º Left  /   1200 – 008


- Monday and Wednesday at 19h30

Morning :

- Monday 9h45

- Friday at 9h00 (please book the Friday morning class)

- Saturday at 10h00


Cascais  (please book your class in advance)

Address: Alameda Duquesa de Palmela Paço dos Pelicanos Bl A – Lj 1 /   2750 – 334)

- Tuesday at 17h15 and 19h40

- Thursday at 17h00 and 19h40




 – Segunda-feira e Quarta-feira às 19h30


- Segunda-feira às 9h45

- Sexta-feira às 9h00* ( a aula de Sexta-feira está sujeita a um aviso prévio do aluno)

 – Sábado às 10h00

Cascais (todas as aulas estão sujeitas a uma inscrição prévia)

- Terça-feira às 17h15 e às 19h40

- Quinta-feira às 17h00 e às 19h40


Virabhadrasana I - Rio de Janeiro, praia do leme 2014

Virabhadrasana I – Rio de Janeiro, praia do leme 2014




Lisboa & Cascais

Lisboa : Rua Nova de S. Mamede nº 56 – 4 esquerdo  ( Príncipe Real)

Cascais: Alameda Duquesa de Palmela Paço dos Pelicanos Bl A – Lj 1 – 2750-334 (junto à estação de comboios de Cascais)

yoga Marco Martins Lisboa Cascais II

Yoga & Surf Cascais

The classes are not specific for surfers but if you like to combine yoga & surf, you will find a yoga teacher that is also a passionate surfer!

Yoga can help you to release the strain on your lower back, neck and shoulders, that can be caused by the time you spend in the water!


Surfing Azores - Rabo de Peixe - 2003

Surfing Azores – Rabo de Peixe – 2003






- 80€ cartão de Verão de 10 aulas (até 30 de Setembro de 2014)

Pagamentos mensais (permanência mínima de 3 meses)

- 60€ – 2x por semana (8 aulas)
– 40€ – 1x por semana (ou 4 aulas ao longo do mês)
– 15€ – aula avulso

Aula experimental 10€ (valor descontado posteriormente no valor da primeira mensalidade ou cartão) ou mês experimental 50€

- as aulas (excepto cartões) devem ser pagas no início de cada mês até dia 8.

NIB 0035 0627 00057327200 15


Workshop in Amsterdam - 2012

Workshop in Amsterdam – 2012








Marco Martins (1978, Ponta Delgada – Açores) é um professor certificado pelo  Instituto Iyengar Yoga (IY) de Amesterdão (2009) com os professores Clé Souren, Charles Hond e Annemieke Post.

O primeiro contacto com o  Iyengar Yoga surgiu na Índia, no ano 2000, com o professor de IY Rudra Dev, e desde aí, mesmo tendo tido a possibilidade de experienciar outras linhas de yoga, foi o IY que, pela sua clareza e precisão, o motivou mais e o ajudou a tomar contacto com novas possibilidades na prática do yoga.

A sua primeira experiência como professor de yoga surgiu em 2004, ainda enquanto aluno Universitário, num espaço dentro da própria Universidade.

Anos mais tarde, após obter a certificação, continuou a  frequentar intensivos direccionados para professores, também no Instituto IY de  Amesterdão, até ao falecimento do seu professor Clé Souren no ano de 2013.

No Outono de 2010 esteve na Holanda a ensinar no estúdio Yogamoves (Utrecht)  e ainda nos Institutos de Iyengar Yoga de Amesterdão e Roterdão.

Mais recentemente, tem estudado com o professor Patxi Lizardi (Madrid), onde tem tido a oportunidade de aprofundar o seu estudo no pranayama e na yoga terapia.

Marco vive e ensina em Lisboa desde 2004 e ele aconselha os seus alunos: “levem a prática de uma forma séria, mas sem se levarem demasiado a sério. Será importante ouvirem o professor assim como o corpo, e acima de tudo aprenderem primeiro as fundações do yoga.  Na prática do yoga não se aplicam receitas.”


yoga Parque das Nações

yoga Parque das Nações




Lisbon and Cascais

 (please always book your first class in advance, there might be some changes in the schedule)


Lisboa: Rua Nova de S. Mamede nº56 – 4º floor left.

Cascais: Alameda Duquesa de Palmela Paço dos Pelicanos Bl A – Lj 1 /   2750-334 (nearby the train station)

yoga Marco Martins - Lisboa & Cascais







Azorean Islands-born,  Marco Martins has studied yoga since 1999 and he is a Iyengar Yoga (IY) certified teacher since 2009 from the B.K.S. IY Institute in Amsterdam, and his teachers were Clé Souren, Charles Hond and Annemieke Post,

He has travelled to Amsterdam almost 30 times to attend further teacher training, intensives, and general classes with Clé Souren, his primary teacher as well all the teachers at the Institute.

On the year 2000 he went to India to study yoga with Rudra Dev at Rishikesh, and the Iyengar method spoked to him from the first moment. Originally a Civil Engineering student, he started teaching yoga at the University to his colleagues and later in some gyms and studios around Lisbon area.

Since he started to attend Patxi Lizardy’s workshops (from Madrid) in 2012, his interest about the therapeutic side of yoga started to grow.

He has 10 years of experience as a teacher and his first experience teaching abroad was in the Netherlands in 2010 mainly at “yogamoves” studio (Utrecht) and a few classes at Iyengar yoga Institutes Amsterdam and Roterdam.

Describing the Iyengar method, Marco says: “ I was able to discover new possibilities of practicing” and he describes his teaching style as challenging, precise and friendly. He advises students:” the personal commitment is extremely important if you would like to go more deep on your yoga practice”.

Yoga Prices



- Summer Card 80€ – 10 classes card (until 30th September 2014)

- 55€ – 5 classes (2 months)

- 15€ – Single class


Monthly Classes (for regular students, minimum 3 months)

- 60€ –  1 month (8 classes, payment until the 8th of the month)

- 40€  – 1 month (4 classes, payment until the 8th of the month)